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[bike shop] Bike Culture

Bike Culture
Shop 7, Sargood Street, O’Connor Shops

Bike Culture is at the O’Connor Shops.  When I was there I met Paul and Brent, and they were both really interested to hear about Cycle Chic.  As well as mountain bikes and racing bikes, Bike Culture stocks a good range of commuter bikes.  In the front window you will find this lovely specimen, a TREK  ‘Belle Ville’ 3 speed:

Isn’t she a beauty?  And can you see that black and white panier on the back?  Here, let’s have a closer look:


If you’re a bloke looking to get in touch with his inner Chic Urban Commuter, you might want to consider one of these.  This is a TREK Atwood 7 speed.  Very snappy.  These also come in a Ladies model.

I had a lovely chat with Paul, the Manager, about commuter bikes.  He was, like all the bike shops managers I have met so far, really enthusiastic about the Cycle Chic ‘phenomenon’ and was happy to know that there’s now a group for Canberra’s chic but not necessarily hard-core bike-mad cyclists.

Bike Culture is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm, and on Saturdays from 10am until 4pm.  I asked Brent if they’re open on Sundays and he said noooo, we go riding on Sundays! :-)  The staff are all cyclists, and between them they ride all kinds of bikes and are able to do repairs and rebuilds on anything you bring them.  There’s more information on their website.

(this is not a paid endorsement)