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[bike shop] Ride Shop

Ride Shop
Lonsdale Street, Braddon

Over the coming weeks I am going to introduce you to the many bicycle shops in Canberra that stock the kinds of bikes I saw everywhere when I was in Copenhagen.

(These posts are not paid endorsements.)

This shop is first up because… it’s across the road from where I get my coffee.

Ride Shop at the city end of Lonsdale Street has a great selection of bikes in store, occupying prime retail space right up front in the window.

Bikes by Electra are some of my favourites.  They have some really bright, eye-catching designs.  And large comfy seats.  And bells.

They just look… beautiful.  And they come with a warning label that says “This bicycle is not designed for off-road use or for stunting.”  Just in case you had any ideas.


This is a lovely bike… Classic.  Subdued.  Cool.

This gorgeous specimen is another Electra.  I love the rack on the front for your groceries or a cane basket (which, by the way, you can buy at Ride Shop).

Tim Palmer is the owner and manager and he will happily show you the selection of bikes he has in store, and the catalogues for all the other makes and models he can order in for you.  Prices range from around $400 up to $900.

Learn more about Tim and his shop online.