Hello Canberra! Jan09


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Hello Canberra!

Hello Canberra! I’m delighted to introduce myself on Canberra Cycle Chic, which I think is a wonderful step (pedal stroke?) towards a Canberra where riding a bike isn’t just seen as the domain of MAMILs (or middle age men in lycra).

So, about me.

I’ve been riding bikes since I was a kid and have dabbled in many forms of cycling. Some trips on bike have been fast, some slow, some on dirt, others on smooth cycling track.  I’ve taken countless trips on my bike to work and to the shops, and at other times I’ve enjoyed not knowing where I’ll end up.  I’ve used my bicycle as a vehicle to explore New Zealand, France, Alice Springs and other states of Australia and continue to be amazed how much fun it is to ride a bike.  Around town, you’ll find me savouring the mountain biking tracks of Canberra or riding my beautiful, functional Spot Sprawl on the bike path dressed in everyday clothes.  I ride all year round and agree with the author of the Lovely Bicycle that bicycles meant for everyday travel shouldn’t require us to change the way we dress or lead our lives in order to ride them.

The list of things that I love about riding a bike is too long to list here, but some include:

  • serendipitous conversations had with other people on bikes at traffic crossings
  • the freedom to stop and chat with that friend you encounter mid-journey rather than getting swept along in traffic
  • riding home with a bunch of friends after a couple of glasses of wine
  • not having to find a park
  • having time to think and to notice your surroundings.

When not riding a bike, I work in public health as a researcher and policy-maker to make Canberra a healthier, more active community to live in.  I live in the lentil belt (2602) of Canberra and am soon to be consumed with the project of building a house with my partner. I’m excited about the bike ride to work, past the lake, from our new patch already!

Thanks Trish for setting the wheels in motion with Canberra Cycle Chic, I look forward to meeting more of you Canberra ladies on bikes over coming months. Happy pedalling!